When it comes to serving fresh food to our family of customers, we never compromise. We pride ourselves in giving our Dining Directors, Managers and Culinarians total flexibility and autonomy to do what's best for your campus community.

Platinum Standards... The Cornerstone of AVI's Culinary Excellence

Food excellence is only attained through the perfect execution of the culinary basics. We have identified core culinary competencies and have created a "Platinum Standard" for each. It is by these standards that we support a culture committed to culinary excellence. Platinum Standards along with our core culinary values have been created to ensure the highest level of food quality for our guests.

We bake our wide variety of breads fresh on premises every day, starting from scratch — you'll never find us using frozen dough.

All of our delicious pies, cakes and cookies are baked throughout the day for a taste that's undeniably fresh.
We use only the finest, freshest meats for our grilled burgers and sandwiches. All of our Grill items are made to order, ala minute, not made in advance. We treat The Grill the same way we would our own family barbecue — and that means fresh!
We pride ourselves on our pizza! Our dough is made daily on-site using the basics... flour, sugar, salt, yeast, olive oil and local water. Try our Honey Wheat crust for a healthy change! Our pastas are cooked fresh every day and our special sauces are made from scratch or speed scratch.
Whenever possible, we'll always use fresh vegetables in season, not frozen. If fresh vegetables are not available and we must use frozen, we make sure that they're the best possible quality. Cooking methods include sautéed, grilled, roasted, steamed or braised.
We partner with local farms and dairies whenever possible, ensuring their standards of food quality by employing our third-party auditors.

Our "T&B...Naturally" coffee is 100% certified organic and shade grown from our partner-growers in Central and South America.

We start with fresh whole meats whenever possible and we put none of it to waste. For example, whole fresh turkey breasts are broken down and roasted, using the bones to make soups, stocks and sauces. (We strongly discourage the use of pre-produced bases for our stocks.)

Our Swiss steak cutlets are hand-cut from whole top rounds of beef. All beef and turkey for the Deli are slow-roasted and sliced in-house.

To compliment our freshly roasted meats, our mashed potatoes are made from scratch, so you may find a lump or two because they're real!

Our International recipes are thoroughly researched and tested extensively to ensure authenticity. For example, we hired a consultant-Chef from China to help us develop our Mongolian Grill program.
The lettuce for our salads is hand-cut and washed in small batches as needed — not from a bag or prepared in advance. That's why our lettuce tastes like lettuce, not a plastic bag.

Dressings are made fresh from our own recipes, because we like our recipes the best!